Saturday, December 19, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Wait till Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama’s henchmen step in between your doctor and you.

Wait till they tell your doctor how to doctor.

Wait till you have to bow down to DC crook
liars headed by Chief Liar in order to learn what med tests you can have.

Wait till you wait to learn from Allah devotee what prescriptions you can get and how much they will overcost.

Wait till you have to wait for three or four years for a pacemaker as my friend in Canada had to wait—put on the notorious “wait list.”

Wait till your Medicare is cut in to so that you no longer get the proper oversight as an elder citizen.

Wait till your Medicare is doled out across the nation to whomever so that you learn how to “sacrifice for the whole.”

Wait till your social security check is sliced into for the same macabre doctrine from Koran reading Obama and czar shadow government.

Wait till you’re put in jail because you can’t count out the bucks to pay up on health insurance.

Wait till your taxes go up because of Obama’s “health care” come to America.

Wait till your premiums shoot through the black of night.

Wait till you discover that communism has come to the United States, defining your every breath, dictating your every move.

Wait till Obama and Muslim cohorts give the signal for Allah’s sleeper cells to break out to engulf your neighborhoods. And you thought they were genuinely friendly. Did you not
know that Allah teaches to appear friendly, then kill?


Wait till Obama proceeds to behead the Republic with puppet Congressmen playing traitor.

Wait till apostate clergy pronounce Islam America’s new religion in the name of diversity, “In God We Trust” wiped off everything it now graces.

Wait till “health care” becomes The Boy’s rationale for moving out further and further, close to the bone of your very existence, lynching your every freedom.

Wait till abortion creeps right back into “health care” to satisfy those bloodthirsty for unborn children’s bodies flipped into dumpsters and more dumpsters.

This will occur quite quickly for Obama the evil one does not wait. If he wants something for Islam World Rule, he threatens.

Remember how he threatened those balking on “health care”? Remember how he dictated and they wilted?

Then flipping the coin, he put down the threats to promise the vault, and they got it.

With all that from hell’s canyons, grassroots will be singing “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men” this Christmas—in their hearts.

But in their leg muscles, they’ll feel the revolution start. And it will start over there. And then over here. And then in the middle. And then from coast to coast.

Those who have tasted democracy, breathing it in their lungs every day of their lives, delighting in its blessings, will never succumb to the Islamic tyrant and wife.

They will revolt.

They will slap around the henchman at their doctor’s door.

They will trip the henchman standing at their prescription counter.

They will threaten—rightfully so—the tax man, the IRS, the White House front doors, the Congressional offices.

And it will never stop until the Muslim is thrown out—and his disciples with him.

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