Saturday, December 19, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Scotland Yard lives under a dark cloud of sleeper cell explosions that will kill and maim.

Authorities believe that the threat is definitely real. It’s simply a matter of time.

Terrorist communications to one another have been read by authorities. These Muslim slayers are specifying where to strike and who to level.

Interestingly enough, in the media dispatch the word “Muslim” is not used once. How blind is the politically correct media. Does this not communicate their own fear of the foe? Surely. And it says the authorities feel weak in light of Islamic plots.

Will America escape such an onslaught? Hardly.

There are sleeper cells throughout the nation as well as Muslim killer camps training Islamic devotees how to slit the throats of infidels. Homeland Security knows this in detail. Yet when Homeland Security is contacted by grassroots, no replies. Could Homeland Security side up to terrorist sleeper cells?

Add to this the Marxist Muslim and wife seated in the White House. They were brainwashed against “white values” and Jews (“monkeys” and “pigs” labeled them by Jeremiah Wright, cultic leader of Trinity United Church of Christ) over twenty years.

Michelle promises that the United States will change its “conversation, history and traditions.” To what? To Islamic World Rule, of course.


Why has the Fort Hood massacre been gagged?

Why are 9 / 11 murderers’ trial staged in Manhattan?

Why is Muslim Obama late in supporting US troops in Afghanistan?

Why does Muslim Obama not produce his birth certificate?

Why is Ramadan celebrated in the White House but Christmas practically blanked out?

Why is “health care” rivaling the Empire State Building in stack size, confusing the public, sneaking in sabotage? What’s going on with Medicare, doctor-patient relations, and so forth?

Once terrorists set loose in the United States, genuine patriots will shoot off their revolution to oust the White House liars and the Congresspersons stroking Oval Office deceitful schemers.

“Scotland Yard has warned businesses in London to expect a Mumbai-style attack on the capital.

“In a briefing in the City of London 12 days ago, a senior detective from SO15, the Metropolitan police counter-terrorism command, said: ‘Mumbai is coming to London.’

“The detective said companies should anticipate a shooting and hostage-taking raid ‘involving a small number of gunmen with handguns and improvised explosive devices’.

“The warning — the bluntest issued by police — has underlined an assessment that a terrorist cell may be preparing an attack on London early next year. It was issued by the Met through its network of ‘security forums”’ which provide business leaders, local government and the emergency services with counter-terrorism advice” per The London Times.

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