Friday, December 18, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“In the weeks before her disappearance, Tulay ran away from home twice and personally reported two attacks on her by her father. Her boyfriend also reported an assault.

“However, despite Tulay's refusal to go home, she was lured back three weeks later, in January 1999, and disappeared the next day” per John Bingham of

There goes the neighborhood.

They are coming to a block near you. Prepare. Beware. Watch out. It can be a bloody mess.

So it is in London where Mehmet Goren will serve a minimum of 22 years for slaughtering his 15-year-old Tulay. He had to kill her. Allah expected it. The Koran demanded it. After all, he did not want to go to hell, did he?

“After she was killed, it is thought her body was buried in the garden of the family home in Woodford Green, north London before being dug up and disposed of.”

“. . .in the family garden. . .” How quaint of the Muslims.

Do not think that the Muslim females protest. Most of them simply acquiesce. Would they have any other choice? Even in some cases, they encourage the males to slay one of their own gender.

So the cultic devotee has given his life to dump his teen-ager’s life. And what is that murder called in the killing cult? It is given the esteemed cover-up tag of “honor killing.”

To preserve the honor of the clan, a male within a Muslim clan has to do away with a female who has been concluded as dishonoring the relatives. Most frequently she is shot in the head. She can also have her throat slid.

Keep in mind that she may have done nothing wrong, nothing closely aligned with “dishonor.” It is only what the males decide that makes the conclusion sealed.

Sometimes the killer is so distraught over having to see through the cultic stipulation that he hugs the deceased, even crying over her death. He did not really want to do it; but he morally had to in order to satisfy Allah and the “reasoning” of the other males. So he was chosen. He had to murder the woman.

It goes on all the time in Muslim nations. In some nations, more than others.

But now the honor has come to your neighborhood and mine. London folk know what I’m typing about. Who would have known that the murderer was that nice guy living next door? Who would have thought that teen girl would pass your house this day for the last time?

That’s how the immigrants slip through and take up shop for the devil. Who would call “honor killing” anything less than evil, wicked, sinful—that is, of the devil? Only the brain dead humanist who calls all things wonderful would say it’s an okay thing.

Speaking of that kind of warped philosophy, I point out Oprah Winfrey. In her prophetess’ esteem as the New Age goddess, she says repeatedly that “everything happens for a reason.”

And what a rich smile graces her face when she says that to the camera or a fawning guest seated on the sofa alongside her excellence.

Is that not tripe?

Everything does not happen for a reason. There is a wickedness stalking the planet. It’s been that way since Adam and Eve turned against God for the devil. This is a spiritually fallen sphere we inhabit. Therefore, some things happen because the devil made them do it.

The Bible states that in the totally committed life to Christ “all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). However, even then that verse does not state that everything is good per se. It states that even the vilest occurrences in the committed life can be worked together by God for the ultimate good.

With that, back to the London murder: what happened between dad and daughter is not good and never will be good. It is instead to advertise in blood the slaughtering spree that is circling the planet in the name of Allah. To those in Muslim countries it may be daily fare. But in places that are not swelled by Koran dictates, it is a new horror.

“Tulay, who had come to Britain from the Kurdish region of Turkey, was drugged, tortured and then killed by her father Mehmet Goren, over her relationship with an older man of whom Mehment Goren and his relations did not approve.

“Although Tulay’s body has never been found, her father Mehmet Goren, 49, was found guilty of murder at the Old Bailey after a 10-week trial.”

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