Thursday, November 05, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

A Muslim followed his Islamic catechism by shooting down our own troops defending the Republic.

How many more Muslims in uniform will follow suit? Time will tell.

There cannot be enough scouring Muslims in uniform as well as Muslims in Congress and Muslims in Barrack Hussein Obama’s czardom shadow government.

They are there. Why? Because Marxist Muslim Obama blesses their presence there.

Muslim Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan is a psychiatrist recently reassigned from Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. to work with soldiers at Darnall Army Medical Center on Fort Hood.

According to FOX News, Hasan said the following: “Muslims should stand up against the aggressor.”

And who in his head is the “aggressor”? It is the United States.

“We should get out” of Iraq and Afghanistan is what he publicly claimed.

Those in military listening to his rants would warn one another that the “ragheads” might someday turn against our military. That happened on November 5 in a horrific manner.

Regarding Muslim suicide bombers, Hasan said: “Maybe we should have more of these strapping bombs on themselves” in the United States, per FOX News.

He made comments regarding Obama, focusing on hoping that Obama would pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Hasan said things would then settle down.

When Obama did not do that, Hasan became more frustrated with our troops there.

Those of us who have warned in post after post concerning Muslims in America have often been considered outlandishly alarmist.

Events prove we have been realists. We are simply realists who are trying to warn the uninformed or those hysterically loyal to Obama.

Thank God this traitor is still alive. Now Hasan can be interrogated to the nth degree, uncovering layer by layer what it is like to be an Islamic infiltrator in the military.

Then we as grassroots citizens can turn on Congress and Obama’s shadow government to expose individuals who are Hasan clones intent on submerging our democracy.