Tuesday, November 03, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Hypocrite Barack Hussein Obama scolds Hamid Karzai.

The US President needs to understand that his hypocrisy is showing blatantly when rapping the knuckles of Afghanistan President.

For instance, Obama informs Karzai that it’s not nice to tolerate such high level corruption throughout Karzai’s regime.

Obama is surrounded by criminals in his presidency role. These criminals now rule with immense power over the grassroots without the slightest sign of confessing their corruption to the public.

Obama himself is corrupt in not coming clean on his own birth legitimacy, leaving many in the Republic suspicious of his right to hold the nation’s highest office.

Obama fellowed with criminals throughout his Senate term representing one of the most corrupt regions in Illinois.

Obama continues to register criminal types as his signed-in visitors to the White House inner sanctum.

Obama informed Karzai that he had to clean up the drug trade rampant in Afghanistan. However, Obama himself has tolerated drug-like parallels throughout his past and present connections. They are not hard-core drug connections but political and social “drug” charged criminality networks.

Obama called Karzai to write a “new chapter” in his political rule. While Obama promised America “hope” and “change” for the betterment of our society, he has yet to deliver on that. Instead, Obama’s new chapter is fraught with lag and drag as well as outright evils such as condoned sodomy and killing womb babies.

In addition, Obama continues to drag his feet regarding what needs to be done for village peace and democracy planting in Afghanistan. America’s youth continue to die and be wounded there while Washington DC yields a blind eye to their safety.

“The administration wants Mr. Karzai and the Afghan government to put into place an anticorruption commission to establish strict accountability for government officials at the national and provincial levels, senior administration officials said Monday” per New York Times’ Helene Cooper and Jeff Zeleny.

Strict accountability for government officials throughout Obama’s government appointments has yet to surface. Instead, Americans are living with biographies of dark pasts controlling America’s future. These power forces are not in the nation’s clean interest but are up to destroying our democracy in favor of a one-world government rule.

They are especially out to undermine the Christian heritage of this country. They detest the biblical foundation undergirding our democracy. Understand, if one is not on the side of the biblical God he on the side of the demonic powers. Now proceed with your logic extension on that one related to Obama.

America continues to funnel money and young bodies for the good of Afghanistan while Karzai continues to place drug money grabbers close to his presidential seat. Obama knows this.

But how can Obama continue to demand cleaning house in Karsai’s regime when Obama’s own regime is loaded with the unsavory and outright criminal?

Read “Obama Warns Karzai to Focus on Tackling Corruptionv” at http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/03/world/asia/03afghan.html