Friday, May 18, 2007

A Qassam missile salvo forces visiting chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi in Sderot to run for cover. It struck another school.

Palestinians Want War; Blow up Synagogue in Israel; US Media Silent (But if a tile on a Mosque is scratched, Blitzer and the other self-hating Jews go berserk on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC)

At least 9 Hamas operatives killed in two Israeli Air Force counter-strikes Friday evening against Hamas positions and vehicles carrying war materiel and operatives.

Southern police chief Uri Bar-Lev reports Ashkelon, the port town north of Gaza, is gearing up for attacks by missiles with extended ranges of 16km.

Hamas has fired 120 Qassams against Israel in four days, during which 4,500 civilians have left or been evacuated.

Earlier Friday, Israeli helicopters hit a Palestinian squad targeting Kfar Maimon and a Hamas unit poised to attack the Palestinian Presidential Guard’s 4th Battalion guarding the Palestinian side of the Gaza-Israel border goods terminal at Karni.

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