Thursday, May 17, 2007

John McCain's Blog : Readers say "YOU ARE OUT!"

I wanted to share this with the readers, it seems on John McCain's blog , the few posters so far are fed up.

Posted at 5:11PM on 5/17/07 by HannibalHamlin

Our nation has been betrayed. We have no nation.
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Posted at 5:36PM on 5/17/07 by sdesq

It is a sad day in America. Shame on you Senator McCain for supporting this bill. You have lost a once strong supporter. I cannot vote for someone who supports making illegal aliens permanent legal residents in this country. Amnesty is not the answer.
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Posted at 6:18PM on 5/17/07 by mgco

I can't think of a way you that you could have done more damage to our future Senator. You lost me today.
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Posted at 6:22PM on 5/17/07 by drgonzo

Not only have you sold out the country today you threw away any chance you had winning the republican nomination. You are not a conservative by any are a joke
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Posted at 6:33PM on 5/17/07 by indolent

I am sorry to leave you now Senator McCain. I believe you are a true hero but your so called bi-partisanship Amnesty legislation is nothing short of a treasonous action. You might as well let Ted drive you home from the date also, because you just drove off the cliff when it comes to your run for the Presidency.
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Posted at 6:37PM on 5/17/07 by mississippimud2007

I have never been so disguisted at my Government , than today. We are being invaded, and our leaders are selling us out. Where do we turn? Jeff Davis
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Posted at 7:13PM on 5/17/07 by sdesq

Mitt Romney
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Posted at 7:14PM on 5/17/07 by sdesq

Governor Mitt Romney On The Senate Immigration Agreement05/17/2007"I strongly oppose today's bill going through the Senate. It is the wrong approach. Any legislation that allows illegal immigrants to stay in the country indefinitely, as the new 'Z-Visa' does, is a form of amnesty. That is unfair to the millions of people who have applied to legally immigrate to the U.S."
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Posted at 6:50PM on 5/17/07 by Arby

What are you thinking, Senator McCain? Your betrayal of this country ranks up there with Benedict Arnold. Thanks to people like you, everyone can rest assured that our laws no longer matter. As long as you admit that you have broken them, all will be forgiven. People are coming here, breaking the law, DEMANDING citizenship, and you cave in? We are being invaded! What does it take to convince you? Last year, the protest chants were, "Today we March! Tomorrow we vote!" They don't care if it's legal or not. Why should they respect our election laws when they won't respect our immigration laws? You are an abomination as a senator. You have friends in the illegal immigrant community, but you will NEVER become president. You blew that chance! Your unemployment checks are one government expense that I will NOT be complaining about.
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Posted at 6:52PM on 5/17/07 by duramaxhd

How can I trust you and Kennedy to protect the USA? Both of you where there in 1984 and still no ENFORCEMENT! This issue is a deal breaker for me and many others. 1)head of house hold return home???? How about all return home! 2)Where is the FENCE? Good fences make good nabors. 3)No temporary, automatic or provisinal anything...Secure the border first. How hard is this to understand?????? NO AMNESTY NO FREE RIDE round them up and send them home. You must be stupid or brain dead or both. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT. IF you are willing to roll over on such an important issue as this, then what else are you willing to roll over on?
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Posted at 7:00PM on 5/17/07 by Iluvmycountry

Mr McCain, you call it bipartisenship but we call it selling out. Today, my support for you has ended. There was a time I totally respected you but that is gone today. You should have got a clue when you didn't even place in the debate. The American people don't want someone who plays both sides, they want someone who stands up for them. I believe you will never become president because of this and I for one will do my best to prevent it.
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Posted at 7:06PM on 5/17/07 by imtoast

Mr. McCain, I now question your patriotism.
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Posted at 7:07PM on 5/17/07 by CourtneyA1

This is a sad day for our country! What is happening? The government has officially "sold-out" to the special intrest and citizens of other countries than listen to US citizens. You have lost my vote Mr. McCain, you have shown your true colors. We can not afford a president like you. Sad and Depressed in California, CC
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Posted at 7:17PM on 5/17/07 by RWBlack

Senator McCain; This is the worse bill that I could ever imagine passing Congress on immigration. I hope your campaign last long enough to make it to Tennessee so that I can vote AGAINST you. Thank you Tennessee Legislature for moving the primary up.
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Posted at 7:23PM on 5/17/07 by BillL

McCain has not represented the state of Arizona's desires for years. This is the worst violation yet. What the @#$^& are you thinking of Senator??? You're DONE!
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Posted at 7:31PM on 5/17/07 by timk

You have betrayed this nation. You have lost your right to run for any office including the president. 70% of the American people do not want amnesty. This will come back to haunt the Republican party in 2008. Would we call you El Presidente? Who presides over the country of North Mexico?
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  1. Anonymous8:45 PM

    And the list just keeps on growing... so far only 1 opinion in support. His poll numbers will drop like a stone in water.

    The real question is how long until they delete all the negative comments.