Friday, May 18, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

It’s serious enough that the government is nabbing them and sending them elsewhere or arresting them.

Contractors hire illegals. The illegals then get into military bases, not via the military employment but via jobs contracted out.

These illegals may be innocent individuals just doing a job. However, first, they are illegally in America and should be deported. Second, one never knows what sleeper cell they may be attached to. Third, one never knows how an illegal can be used as a pawn by a terrorist to reek havoc on a military base or anywhere.

Therefore, the government is informing media that it cannot be too careful. Finally. Therefore, action is being taken nationwide, according to the AP.

When I was in a local hospital, I noted a number of cleaning women who are Muslim. That is unusual in our southern Maine area. We don’t have that many persons from other countries living here, that is, compared to large metropolitan areas.

However, as soon as I saw those Muslim women going in and out of hospital rooms, I thought: What if these persons were attached to a sleeper cell? What if they turned on patients, even in the most subtle of plots? Who knows?

Muslims are taught to kill non-Muslims. Zealots take that directive from the Koran and act on it. Other Muslims are not acquainted with the Koran in specifics or just put those directives aside. However, one never knows what Muslim one is looking at when seeing a Muslim. Sleeper cells with terrorist instructors are all over America. They are ready for the signal to turn on our democracy.

As the military officials are finally come to realize, America cannot be too careful.

“Scores of illegal aliens working as cooks, laborers, janitors, even foreign-language instructors have been seized at military bases around the country in the past year, raising concerns in some quarters about security and troop safety.

“The aliens did not work directly for the military but for private contractors, as part of a large-scale effort by the Pentagon to outsource many routine rear-echelon jobs and free up the troops to concentrate on waging war.

“Some worry that this fast-growing practice could make U.S. military installations more vulnerable to security breaches.

“’We can’t let down our guard,’ said Rep. Robin Hayes, a North Carolina Republican whose district includes Fort Bragg, home of the Army’s Special Operations Command. ‘The motive of these particular individuals remains unclear. However, my greatest concern is that they were able to gain access to the installation at all.’”

No illegals should be in place at any military base. None. Only legal citizens should be employed at a base. No illegal should be hired at an airport or nuclear power plant or power grid.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service spokeswoman, Jamie Zueiback, stated that 150 illegals at military installations throughout America have been caught. More are out there. They must be nabbed and deported.

Do we have to wait until illegals turn on us maximum before we do something? It appears as if government has a “heads-up” approach on this matter — finally.

Muslims seek to make Islam world rule. Finally government is understanding that that religion is not a religion but a killing cult. They will kill their own in order to slay one non-Muslim. Allah demands it. Cowardly Muslims must be slain as well.

Zueiback said the agency is concerned that such installations “’could be vulnerable to exploitation by someone who has ill intent.’”

At Fort Bragg, three “foreign-language instructors” were arrested.

At Camp Lejeune, 74 illegal laborers were caught.

At the Marines’ major base on the Atlantic Ocean, 40 illegals at North Carolina’s Johnson Air Force Base were caught.

Move on to Idaho and Florida to discover that more illegals have been caught at bases.

Further, there are scores of illegals working for military contractors that are not located on bases. Hundreds in off-base employment have been arrested as illegals. They were hired “to prepare field rations by a Texas company that admitted falsifying their employment records.”

In North Carolina, Mississippi and California, illegals have been arrested in off-base employment.

The matter is exceptionally serious. These illegals must be deported.

There are 11 million illegals here.

Those who come into the country illegally must not be permitted to remain here. It’s that simple a logic. It’s that simple an ethic.

A start at military bases is just that — a start.

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