Thursday, December 10, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Federal Aviation Administration officialdom says it’s okay. The pilots have been vetted.

Like unto Barack Hussein Obama? Not good.

Bottom line: “’The many different spellings of bin Laden in the data make it impossible to determine exactly who has a license,’ said Mark Schiffer of Safe Banking systems, a computer security firm that analyzed the FAA records.

“’The information is so thoroughly compromised that any vetting system built on it is unreliable,’ said Schiffer per ABC News.

“’. . .thoroughly compromised. . .that. . .system. .. unreliable.’”

There are a dozen of bin Laden’s family who fly the skies, maybe more than that. So we are not sure as to exactly the number. Maybe a dozen. Could be additionals. Not good.

They are sanctioned as licensed pilots via the FAA. That opens the unlimited air spheres anywhere in these United States.

Three of these pilots just got their licenses in June 2009.

All sorts of “reasons” have been offered by the government as to why all this is stable for safety. We know how much we can depend on present

Question: Why does America take any chances whatsoever with bin Laden’s relatives—close and distant? Does democracy have no logical limits or do we just open wide for Islam World Rule to reign?

Check it out at “The High-Flying Bin Ladens -- 12 Osama Kin Hold FAA Licenses” at