Thursday, December 10, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The rapists per Brit politically correct media are not called “Muslim” of “Islamic” but “Asian.”

No matter, the wise-up public knows that it means Muslims raping Brit females. One was a 14-year old walking her dog. She was grabbed, raped, and then left.

Western Europe is coming upon the same evil sweep.

“Equally alarming is the fact that the same type of rapes of non-Muslim girls and women appears to be escalating across Western Europe in direct proportion to Muslim immigration and population increase” per TheOPINIONATOR.

Europe is rethinking its love of multiculturalism. How can one admire multiculturalism when it welcomes a killing cult? It seems to be taking quite awhile for grassroots to realize that Islam is not a religion among world religions. It is a killing cult.

(Read the KORAN at )

When one speaks so realistically as to define Islam as a killing cult, he is labeled “racist” or overcome with “Islamophobia.” It’s difficult for those speaking factually to be recognized as truth-tellers.

Muslim males disdain non-Muslim females. These non-Muslim women are considered lower than Muslim females, the latter regarded but commodities to be manipulated by Muslim males. “Honor killing” is the most noted cruel example of Allah-devotee male mistreatment of their females.

But because non-Muslim females are not garbed from head to foot, they are asking for rape, per Muslim acceptance. Their fashionable attire is an invitation to be violated. So if they are raped, they have asked for it.

“In a startling disclosure from an exchange at an East London mosque, Imam Abdul Makin and a leading Muslim lawyer have supported the killing and raping of non-Muslims, declaring all non-Muslims as guilty and subject to lethal abuse.”

Read “Leading English Muslim Endorses the Killing and Raping of Non-Muslims” at