Thursday, November 12, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

America’s democracy and very existence depends on authorities closing down terrorist cells within our borders.

If America does not protect itself, it will be overcome by the Muslims who believe the Koran’s call to Islam World Rule. That means their slaughtering all infidels—non-Muslims.

Thank God federal authorities are taking over 4 mosques and a Manhattan skyscraper apartment complex they’ve tagged as Iranian-connected. For years, these centers have worked to undermine our nation.

There are those who claim that there are moderate Muslims. Perhaps. But keep in mind that there are those who appear so who are waiting for the Islamic signal to topple our country.

Muslims are taught via the Koran’s Allah to lie. They are scripted to fake their friendliness in order to subdue non-Muslims. That is going on daily. Imams are teaching their disciples how to seem like law-abiding citizens.

This is all to further Allah’s victory over America. Therefore, if nice American citizens naively believe that all Muslims are to be given that second chance to prove themselves, no Americans will be awake to spy out the killers.

The facts are there.

We have killer Islamic cells throughout the Republic. They are loyal only to their subversive leadership. They are our neighbors and work alongside us. Some are moderates who will remain peaceful. But only God knows those who are lying to us.

We cannot be too careful. We must follow through with every hint that we are going to be taken in.

That is what the federal agents are doing with these mosques and apartment complex. They have worked over time to log their facts that these complexes are out to level America.

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