Friday, November 13, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

If Dems don’t support the Obamacare bill that they have not yet read in its entirety, they are not faithful to the party.

If Dems do support that bill they are in trouble back home and also imploding our economy.

If they support Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama’s wrongly-titled health care bill, they will ruin the nation’s health in its purse. They know that. But they have no other party-riveted choice if they want to keep Dem power in.

If they refuse to support this travesty, they are siding in with the anti-Obamacare Republicans. That makes them like Republicans on Obama’s prime issue.

What a mess illogic yields when party comes first. It’s not ethical for party to come first for ethics would define what is right is what one endorses. But of course ethics-being-what’s-right rarely counts with Dems.

What a fall-in opportunism produces when politicking supremes rather than working for the health of the Republic.

Yet Dems have worked themselves into such an opportunistic, unreasonable, party egocentric corner that they can’t back out. Since they can’t back out, America is in big angst unless God intervenes. And unless Republicans can find their moral strength by which to power-up what is right.

Dems, ethically, morally, logically, have fallen flat on their faces. That means that they have ended up on the nasty side—but more than that when considering ethics and morals. They have put themselves blatantly on the wicked side. That is not stating it too boldly.

Obama is obviously calculating the destruction of the country. Being a genuine Muslim, stating such publicly, he is in league with his own Muslim shadow government. Therefore, he calculates that implosion is one way to behead America’s citizenry.

When the Fort Hood Muslim killed the innocent, Obama was reluctant to give comforting words to the grieving. He was on obvious delay. He was hollow in his statement. Why? Because the Muslim is just that. And Obama is Muslim. Go figure.

Dems engineered by this kind of Obama are going to scissor our country into tiny shred strips.

God help us! Pray.

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