Sunday, November 29, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Other countries are slowly waking up to the Muslim intrusion. That break-in breeds violence, flattens community, and seeks to overtake civility for barbarism.

Actually, some political leaders here and there are taking the matter seriously so as to strap down these madhouse Muslims.

For instance, in Canada, immigrants are told in no uncertain terms what is expected if they want to stay put. There will be no genital mutilation, for instance. That cuts through Islamic customs centuries’ old. The female children are mutilated so that they are ready recipients of male domination. Not so in Canada.

Canada has also banned honor killings. That’s basic turf on which to build a society worth calling cultured. Yet in Islamic environs honor killing is daily bloodflow. If a woman is concluded by clan males to have defamed that clan, she can be shot in the head. When Iraq was overseen by Killer Hussein, females frequently were dragged into soccer stadiums, shot in the head and left as examples to other women to toe the male line.

Canada will not tolerate spousal abuse. What goes on in some Muslim cluster communities is horrific. Other Muslims provide cover so that the non-Muslims don’t find out about the violence. It’s “their way.” But Canadian civil authorities are spelling it out to immigrants that authorities will investigate. They will uncover. They will find out what is bedeviling their neighborhoods in the name of Allah.

It is not the “Welcome” sign to Muslim mayhem that one might think could slip through into Canadian culture. Instead, enough has become known about the Islamic cult to begin to cleanse the nation of that which undermines and destroys. America needs to do the same.

Britain was surprised at first by the influx of Muslims en masse. But gradually Brits have come to their senses. Of course, much more needs to be done; but at least what’s started no doubt, thank God, will continue in order to rid the nation of Islamic slice and dice.

A particular police force has been set up in Britain to know what really is going on in Muslim households and communal settings. The focus is particularly on honor killing. The police have told the public that any Brit who has been kidnapped to a “foreign country” will be returned to Britain. Pakistan specifically has had a happy time of it slipping these females out of Britain for hell’s corridors.

What about females who think they are going to be slaughtered by male Muslims ready to slit their throats. The women can ask for a witness-protection plan to be enforced for their lives’ sake. This is a major move forward on the side of civilization continuance.

What about Brit’s legal cases file that is laden with honor killings
data? Scotland Yard has started to dust off those files for proper investigations.

Europe has been threatened, scolded, stomped on and yelled at by Muslim fanatics bent on taking over. Europe has been slow at moving against the enemy. But Europeans are starting to get the message that if they don’t bury the Muslim murderers and rapists and thieves, there won’t be much Europe niceties left.

Europe is moving to install protection of females, especially Muslim immigrant women who could be buried via honor killings. Europe’s pouted praiseworthy ‘multiculturalism’ has painted over its face a deadly scar. That pain has screamed loudly enough for power structures to hear the cry. Does Europe want to be drenched in blood or open their windows to morning breezes of delight and song?

Now what about America and its handouts, its stupid tolerance, its Muslim President hiding truth from our nation?

Yes, there are honor killings in the land of the free and home of the brave.

There is domestic violence fostered by adherence to the blood verses of the Koran. There are females who are treated as worthless, as dung. There are wife beatings. There are forced nuptials. There are brand new mosques constructed to instruct males in how to be instruments of cruelty over women and children.

America, take off the blind folds.

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