Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Religion of "piece" Explodes In Pakistan

A suicide attack on Peshawar's Pearl Continental, popular among foreigners, killed at least five people and wounded 70.

Peshawar, Pakistan - A suicide bombing Tuesday at Peshawar's only five-star hotel is the latest of several recent attacks in this northwestern Pakistani city.
It comes after the Taliban threatened to launch periodic attacks in retaliation for an ongoing Army offensive against militants in the Swat Valley. As the town closest to the battle zone and to Pakistan's tribal areas, a militant stronghold, Peshawar makes for a prime target.

Although the Taliban are unlikely to take over the city, say analysts, the attacks have stirred up fear among residents and disrupted routine life. Schools have closed by order of the government, and business has slowed. Normally bustling markets have emptied. Some families have left town.