Thursday, February 05, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“This is their creation. He is their creation. Not vetted. Not challenged and now he’s President.”

That’s Republican National Chairman Michael Steele giving forth on B. Hussein and his Dems who via mob hysteria and liberal media got him on Pennsylvania Avenue.

By the way, this Republican National Chairman Michael Steels is pro-life.

“’I was a monk for goodness sakes ok? I spent three years in a monastery,’ he explains to CBN News reporter David Brody in the Monday interview.

"’When I came out and got politically involved I was an advocate for pro-life issues,’ he added” per Steven Ertelt, Editor.

So there.

And more: “‘I was endorsed by National Right to Life. I don't think they would endorse me if I were squeamish or squishy as some have called me on this issue.’”

Further: “’Roe versus Wade was wrongly decided. It should be overturned in my personal view.’”

Steele knows it is his job to topple B. Hussein but he cannot do it without a strong Republican base with grassroots values, mainly biblically ethical principles.

Steele is the fellow to charge ahead because he’s grounded in what Christians regard as “moral” and because he’s that kind of go-get-‘em leader that the Party desperately needs.

I like him also because of his conversational style. He does not double talk. He let’s loose. Thank God, he lets loose in the direction that I think should be let loose. Otherwise. . .

“’We (GOP Party) value life born and unborn and we will fight for that and I will fight for that as an individual and I will fight for that as chairman of the party.’”

That’s rather plain English. I think we Republican Christians should take him for what he says. God knows we need to give someone with that kind of verbiage a chance.

I also admire him for taking on B. Hussein, a fellow black. Go, Mike, go.

Read “Michael Steele Defends His Pro-Life Abortion Views for GOP Chairman Race” at