Thursday, February 05, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

B. Hussein Obama has zapped “war on terror” usage. It would offend Muslims, per AP’s Olita C. Baldor.

Remember? B. Hussein made a big deal when dialoguing with Hillary about words mattering. She was blasting him for not having substance, only verbiage. He fired back by informing her how much verbiage matters.

Now B. Hussein is playing once again to the Allah choir. As if that is going to appease those hankering for Islam World Rule, those strapping suicide belts underneath their shirts, those declaring that their messiah can only return when the globe is on fire.

The Israelis get it. They don’t play word games with the murder machine. When Israeli present leadership speaks of hammering Hamas, it says that Hamas will disappear. That means something. It’s not just words. It’s a promise to obliterate the bloody mess on the
other side.

“Asked in a television interview why he hasn't used the oft-repeated ‘war on terror’ phrase coined by the Bush administration, Obama said he believes the U.S. can win over moderate Muslims if he chooses his words carefully.”

Yes, words matter. That is why words must be factual, realistic and know the enemy. That is why words when spoken by those in political power must have power behind them.

Those speaking those words must be totally acquainted with the Koran’s killing-infidel passages, know how to site those sections in which Allah declares Islamics slice off the planet all but Muslims.

That is why those persons giving forth with words must realize that any hint of word weakness is a glory hallelujah to Allah devotees. They size up words by the embodiment of their strength, not their diplomatic niceness.

Muslims murder machines don’t honor niceties. They don’t know how to communicate with civility. They only know what force means when meeting force.

As for the moderate Muslims, so-called, that B. Hussein is courting, where has he been for decades?

There are no moderate Muslims who can be won over. They, if they exist, sit on their hands while Islam World Rule warriors go forth. They say nothing. They do nothing but wait. They do not castigate those Allah disciples who bring carnage worldwide.

And these are the ones whom B. Hussein is going to bring over to his peace side? How totally misinformed can one be, especially when having a Muslim background, taught in a Muslim school, having a Muslim father, being coached in Koran teaching, even telling media that Koran phrases bring euphoria to his feelings?

I thought George W. Bush was stupid when inviting Muslim men to one White House room and Muslim women to another White House room for Ramadan dinner. Then, only to lift high their Koran, informing them that that unholy text was henceforth going to be placed in the White House library.

Then he told Muslim leaders visiting the USA that there are many ways to deity.

This is the Bush who claims to be Methodist / Episcopal evangelical who reads his Bible daily and prays to Jesus for guidance?

Now B. Hussein plays dumb.

There are those who believe that mask Muslim B. Hussein has sliced out “war on terror” for the express purpose of undermining the democracy for the eventual Islam World Rule.

Paranoia? Time will tell.

In the meantime, he claims to be wanting to win over moderate Muslims with his peace phrases. The end result will be what the wise have already figured out. There are no moderate Muslims to court.

There is no such thing as the power of moderate Muslims; they are not there. If they are there, they have no voice, no clout, no force, nothing but exactly what B. Hussein is counting on—vacuum so that the Republic collapses.

Paranoia? Time will tell.

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