Saturday, January 17, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Per AP, Ingrid Mattson, president of the Islamic Society of North America, has ties to Hamas.

She was chosen by B. Hussein Obama to offer a prayer at the Washington Cathedral inaugural prayer service, joining others of world religions, thus starting B. Hussein’s ridding America of its Christian heritage in order to secularize the nation in favor of meshing all religions as one.

Many anti-Republic components will be at work simply by her representation at the Cathedral proceedings.

She will help install Islam as a legitimate world religion when in actuality it is a killing cult based on the bloody Koran and played out for decades by Muslim extremists murdering and maiming while so-called moderate Muslims maintain the silence.

She will white-wash her Society as a legitimate organization in this nation’s democracy while in fact it has terrorist alliances that are especially frightening for our country’s safety.

She will represent female peace making under the name of “Islam” in order to enhance mask Muslim B. Hussein’s presidency as above-board in patriotic moorings.

She will fool countless numbers of persons who are totally mesmerized by B. Hussein’s ability to create mob hysteria. She will be another instrument by which to gloss over the lying B. Hussein, making him appear as the soft-spoken agent of civility for world stability.

“Ingrid Mattson, president of the Islamic Society of North America, is one of many religious leaders scheduled to speak at the prayer service at Washington's National Cathedral.

“In 2007 and as recently as last July, federal prosecutors in Dallas filed court documents linking the Hartford, Conn.-based Islamic society to the group Hamas, which the U.S. considers a terrorist organization.”

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