Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Muslim march the BBC ( Or ABC ) didn't want you to see

The first short section is silent.

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  1. Islamically Aware6:45 PM


    The majority of British voters now believe that religion, rather than race, is the most divisive issue in Britain today . Needless to say, this doesn't involve drunken brawls between Catholics and Anglicans, but instead reflects concern about the growth of the paedophilic murder-cult.

    Although there is unease about Islam, this hasn't yet taken a tangible form in the public consciousness. If it had, then everybody apart from the morbidly suicidal would be voting for the BNP.

    I think one of the main reasons that this unease has not yet transformed itself into justifiable anxiety and fear, is that people don't realise just how much of a clear and present danger Islam really is, and how little time is left before we are overwhelmed .

    The voters need to be educated to understand and express their fears by learning about the full horrors of Islam's implacable supremacism, it's unrelenting hostility to all non-Muslims , and its intrinsically violent, predatory tribal savagery .

    The public also need to be immunised against propaganda from Muslims and their grovelling dhimmis by being made aware of taqiyya (holy deception) - the sacred Muslim practice of lying to further the cause of Islam .

    Finally, the voters need to understand why the Labour and Consevative establishment are so paralysed by political correctness, that they are incapable of facing the threat and continue to repeat the BIG LIE
    about Islam being a religion of peace etc

    A few years ago a Muslim organisation used to run an annual event called Islamic Awareness Week . Well the BNP can do fifty times better BY MAKING EVERY WEEK ISLAMIC AWARENESS WEEK!

    We need to educate our fellow Britons so that their 'gut-feeling' about Islam turns into well-informed Islamic Awareness, which will inevitably translate into votes for the BNP.