Monday, January 26, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The place is Atlanta, Georgia.

Twenty-five year old woman is slain by Islamic father who seeks to regain the clan’s honor.

Now Islamic ‘honor killing’ has come full circle to the land of the free. It is here. It is going to continue. Muslims carry their sharia insanity wherever they go. Some may not. Others do. Those who do maim our culture and increase the angst of freedom lovers throughout the Republic.

When a Muslim male within a clan concludes that a female has spoiled the clan’s honor, that female is to have a bullet put through her head or her neck slit. In some way, a male must do away with the dishonoring female in order to please Allah. This is an evil practice worldwide throughout Muslim environs and now threatening civil countries.

The Pakistani woman did not want to remain in an arranged marriage. She thereby was slamming the marriage planners. Therefore, she had to be done away. Dad did it.

In America alone, there are 5,000 so-called ‘honor killing’ deaths every year. Five thousand!

Unbelievable that this nation has brought that much horror by embracing Muslims into the democracy. No wonder there is such confusion concerning what it means to be an “American.” All sorts of sub-groups have set themselves up to wipe out the America-that-was.

The present young generation will not know what to fall back on as the America-that-was. They will know only the present dysfunction. They will have lost the measuring stick by which to gauge a genuine free land that enjoys its liberties because it protects its liberties.

George W. Bush was so wrong when planting thousands of Muslims outside Philadelphia, giving them full citizenship, guarantees of medical care and social security as well as furnished housing. No doubt his motive was from a good heart; but his head surely was not working in informed time.

Now we have these collections clogged throughout the country as well as slips here and there lacing our communities, God only knows where.

The Pakistani woman wanted out of the marriage in Atlanta. Her father concluded that a divorce would “shame the family.” So he cut off her air her per Detective Mike Christian of the Clayton County Police Department.

The murderer does not live in the ghetto. Instead, he lives quietly—supposedly—on a respectable street with “tidy brickfront two-story homes.”

Anyhow, Sandeela Kanwal, the 25-year-old daughter of pizza shop owner Chaudry Rashid, 55, is dead in Georgia. Police found Daddy in the house seated on the floor. When discovered, he was smoking a cigarette.

“My daughter’s dead,” he told police.

The father detailed that his daughter was not “being true to her religion.” There you have it. The killing cult known as Islam. And it is this that Muslims are attempting to establish as Islam World Rule, The Brotherhood and Iran are at the head of the bomb line.

How did the father slay his daughter? Bullets and knives were too tame for him, obviously. He strangled her, something common among Muslim males who see through their slicing through of disobedient females. He used a bungee cord, burnt it, then flushed it down the toilet.

“In Dallas, an Egyptian man is wanted by police, accused of murdering his two daughters, reportedly, because they had non-Muslim boyfriends.

“In Scottsville, N.Y., a Turkish immigrant has been in and out of psychiatric care since he was charged three years ago with killing his wife and beating his daughters because of alleged sexual assault.

“In some honor killings overseas, family members have killed women who've been raped because they're considered to have brought shame on their families.”

In Muslim communities, it is common for such killings to take place, neighbors hushing it up and no reports ever filed.

Welcome to America.

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