Monday, January 26, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Over 100,000 concerned citizens gathered in DC for the 36th Annual March for Life.

Media turned the eye away.

Yet Who watched most earnestly, taking note of every detail seen and unseen? God.

Jesus told His own to do what was right, not even letting the right hand know what the left hand was doing.

Jesus told His own to do their good in secret so that God the Father alone would take note.

Jesus Himself did so many good things for regular people that John wrote in his Gospel that such doings were so countless that all the books in the world could not contain them.

So it is that we do what we do what is right so that God is pleased. It is that pleasure that lasts forever. It is that motive that lasts and lasts.

The defenseless babies in wombs were lifted high by the DC folk so that heaven would know for certain that these little ones had not been forgotten. God will respond in His own masterful thankful manner. That finally is all that is significant.

Those little babies being scraped out of existence in the next 24 hours will be welcomed into glory. Alpha and Omega gets the first and last word. That Omega for the aborted ones is the embrace of Jesus on the other side.

The womb baby killers have no idea that that takes place. All they know is that the nuisances fill up garbage bags for the dumpster.

Yet angels note these boys and girls so as to place them safely home. The devil tries as he will to destroy; God, the author of life, rescues these children for eternity’s sake.

B. Hussein Obama leads the killing pack. While these infants are released into perfect peace forever, B. Hussein will tumble his soul into the lake of fire and
brimstone without end.

Consider the difference regarding Who is taking note
of what and where and when.