Monday, January 12, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

They have eyes but cannot see, ears but cannot hear.

How can people who name themselves civilized not scream out against Hamas carnage over years? How can they claim civility while not defending Israel’s right to exist since its inception on May 14, 1948?

Yet the illogical screech keeps wailing across continent after continent.

In London, 10,000 cried out in one event, throwing shoes at police officers trying to quell violence.

The screamers were on the side of Hamas terrorism, on the side of Muslim extremists, on the side of anti-Israel enthusiasts.

“Event organizer Nick Napier said the action was taken as a result of the ‘rage and anger’ over the death toll in Gaza over the past two weeks.

"’People are here because they know the trail of blood leads from Gaza back to Britain and Gordon Brown. It's another year, another war, another massacre.

“’It's a war too many for most people,’ he lamented per’s David Barrett.

Where is the “’rage and anger’” against Islamic killers worldwide? These London-based unreasonable screamers are asking for Muslim sleeper cells to awaken one of these mornings to install Islam World Rule.

It is another proof that the human race is definitely severely damaged spiritually. If there is ever evidence of the biblical truth of The Fall, it is today regarding the insanity settling upon the Middle East.

The Fall refers to Adam and Eve rebelling against God in favor of Satan. That Fall brought about damage to nature and supernature; it brought about sin and death.

In these End Times, The Fall encircles the globe with increased barbarism so that only the biblical believers can hold on knowing that Scripture prophecy is being fulfilled before their eyes. We can put alongside the Bible the daily news and see the two converge.

Regarding the demonic support for Muslim slayers, there is no doubt in biblical believers’ analysis that this is simply another extension of the spirit of AntiChrist.

As for blood running the streets due to Israeli defense guns, where is the outrage against Allah devotees chopping off heads, blowing up buildings, setting loose suicide squads in cafes, and unsettling the entire world community with threat after threat of global extinction?

Once again, biblical believers go to the prophetic passages to read there in literalism and symbolism the divine revelation concerning these times. Major passages include Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Daniel, Ezekiel 36-39 and the Book of Revelation, chapters 5 and following in particular.

Those in London praising Hamas and deriding Israeli defense forces are part of the End Times parcel siding with the demonic authorities leading the unsaved pack further and further into oblivion.

Read “Riot police clash with protesters at Gaza demo in London” at

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