Monday, January 12, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Hamas knows that if Hamas truly cared for its own, peace could come to the Middle East by dawn.

All Hamas would have to do is never fire against Israel again and accept Israel as a neighboring entity.

Then Muslims living wherever could go to market, tuck their children in bed at night and visit friends evenings.

But Hamas is spiritually unclean. Hamas is given to a demonic cult known as “Muslim.” Islam is not only a so-called world religion. It is a cult based on killing off non-Muslims.

The term “religion” is too polite for such a force bent on slaughtering every non-Muslim.

If Islam were stripped of its theological terminology and supposed holy writ as well as particular references to deity, it would be a political dynamo and that alone.

But because it has a so-called prophet who founded it, along with a so-called holy book, plus worship centers so-called and so forth, it is regarded as a religion but in fact is not worthy of such a label. It is nothing but a bloodletting cult.

Hamas then is wedded to such a satanic cult. Satan, by definition, is not caring or logical. Satan is not loving or civil. Therefore, his entourage is of like dark nature.

Hamas therefore will not stop firing on Israel and will never regard it as a neighboring entity. Hamas, demonic thrust that it is, will continue to seek to undo Abraham’s lineage for the latter is of the God of the Bible.

Satan despises the Bible and the Bible’s God. Satan hates the biblical history, seeking to unravel it at every point.

Consequently, Hamas, now the satanic representative on Earth of major significance, will adhere to its lying moral base, using its own children as human shields in battle, and gritting its teeth at even the mention of “Jew.”

“Jew” is Hebrew. Hebrew is Old Testament. Old Testament redemptive history looms high with Jehovah’s call to Abraham, the father of the faithful. From Abraham onward Jehovah sought a people to evangelize the surrounding nations with the gospel of

At every step, Satan planted demonic prophets, demonic rulers, and demonic priests as well as demonic neighboring countries. At every step. Satan sought to wipe out any righteous remnant, even in Noah’s generation reducing same to only eight.

Now today that same Satanic agenda is at work via Islam. That is highlighted daily in the Middle East where Hamas (Ishmael) wars against Israel (Isaac). The fight continues. And it will never end.

Yet that is not correct. It will end when the Bible’s God decrees the Christ political rule from Jerusalem supplanting the present governmental regimes in the Middle East.

In that millennial rule, Christ will govern, His
enemies put down by one word spoken from His mouth upon His Second Advent.

Until then, Hamas will seek nothing other than Islam World Rule, the Middle East powder burst being nothing other than the prelude to same.

Because Hamas is given to Islam World Rule, every Muslim extremist element in every Muslim conclave will feed Hamas munitions pantry. Every Muslim bloodthirsty for infidels’ destruction will volunteer to establish Islam World Rule.

That is why Israel is not only warring Hamas in Gaza but Israel knows full well that it is warring Muslim slaughterers worldwide. They are hidden. Some expose themselves. But they are countless.

Add to this mass the brainless political leaders in so-called civil nations, these personages raging against Israel and preaching pro-Hamas speeches, and you have insanity increased unbelievably.


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