Wednesday, December 03, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Friday, December 5 is when the Supreme Court will meet “in conference” regarding whether or not Barack Obama’s birth certificate shows him to be a natural-born citizen of the United States.

There are many who believe that he is not that.

If the Supreme Court sides with fact, then truth will prevail. If not, then the Supreme Court will become an accomplice to devilment maximum, the latter no stranger to America’s grassroots.

If Obama is found to be other than a natural-born citizen, then all that he has done thus far is null and void. All that he appoints for the future becomes null and void.

Further, he will be exposed as the imposter that he is. He is a mask Muslim, not a “Christian.”

He has claimed to be “Christian” while in an ABC interview letting slip “my Muslim faith.” Liberal media let that major slip slide by. Honest Americans will never forget it.

Further, Obama is no Christian according to the biblical definition for he represents ethics which are directly opposed to the New Testament ethic. One example is his support for killing womb babies. Another is his support for sodomy.

In addition, he is a member of the theologically liberal United Church of Christ (Congregational) which stands for most anti-biblical positions, thus persecuting conservative clergy and laypersons throughout its denomination.

Truth will out.

God has not given up on America. God will see to it that eventually in the divine calendar truth will out. God has done it before; He will do it again.

Never forget the founding fathers’ and mothers’ prayers for their newfound country. Those intercessions are still before the eternal throne to this moment. They are powerful intercessions. They activate divine justice upon this nation.

In addition, the country is laden with the righteous remnant—that is, those who adhere solely to the Bible as divine revelation. These individual souls come regularly to the divine throne on behalf of this Republic. God honors those sincere petitions.

With the prayers of our founding fathers and mothers as well as the genuine concerns of the present-tense righteous remnant, truth will out regarding the mask Muslim Barack Obama.

He is a charlatan of prime example. He is a fraudulent young enthusiast who knows how to create mob hysteria for his empty promises. He is one of the most dangerous personages in power today.

But God is not mocked. He is sidelined by religious hypocrites or secularists out to obliterate America’s Christian heritage.

But God will stand alongside the minority as He has always done so. The Bible states that there are many on the broad road to destruction, but few on the straight and narrow that leads to eternal life. God walks with those on the narrow road, though they be few.

Consequently, there is no reason to fear what the Supreme Court concludes. If they side with truth, then God will have prevailed in that decision. If they side with the lie, then God will in His time bring divine judgment upon the Supreme Court as well as reveal the truth in another venue.

One way or another, God will have his day. He will out the truth. The righteous remnant know this and therefore continue hope for their nation “under God.”

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