Wednesday, December 03, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The righteous remnant never gives up hope in Christ.

They know that the Bible declares that the Holy Spirit within them is far greater than the spirit of the world.

Down through history, the remnant has been faced with failure only to discover God’s rescue plan. That is why they believe the Bible when it states that God’s ways are far above our ways and His thoughts are far above our thoughts.

That is why the remnant lives by faith, not by sight.

Worldlings live by sight, maneuvering existence’s slices to win, more times than not losing. But the remnant knows that mortal mind is no match for God’s eternal mind. Therefore, the remnant submits to the God mind rather than strategizing how to “work things out in the flesh.”

“Faith is the victory that overcomes the world” are the lyrics of one favorite gospel hymn. The truth of it is that that hymn speaks reality. Faith IS the victory.

Mary and Joseph appeared to be done in by Herod’s plots to wipe them off the planet. But God intervened. Instead of Baby Jesus being diced through by Herod’s swords, He was housed in Egypt
until the enemies slid of history’s pages.

Baby Jesus grew to be thirty years of age at which time He started his public ministry. Throughout those three years, foes attempted to trip Him up, finally scheming His murder.

However, heaven moved in on that Dreadful Saturday to plant a resurrection on the
first day of the week. The Christian church has celebrated that dawn ever since by claiming it as God’s holy day—Sunday becoming SONday.

The remnant knows their Scriptures. They know from Genesis to Revelation how the Bible sets forth one threat after another to extinguish God’s light. But time and again God’s light remained lit because of what God did for those who kept the faith.

At the close of this year and the start of another, the remnant looks heavenward. They do not trust in those in Washington DC. They do not put their hope in man-made institutions. They place their utmost faith in the God of history.

History finally is His-Story.

He writes the major lines; mankind writes the minor lines. The major lines are the final lines every time. Some eras appear to implode so as to bring doubt as to whether or not there really is a God. Then God appears with power and poise.

Remember that the sin in the world is not from God. It is from Satan. God is sometimes blamed for the awful scenes of history, the most recent being the carnage Muslims leveled in India. Satan was behind all that. Sinful mortals were Satan’s instruments. God abhors that bloodletting.

As time moves along, the remnant sees God’s threads within the fabric, revealing that God is especially aware of this world’s circumstances. And this God is at work to bring His final sentence to every situation—sometimes in mercy, other times in judgment.

As for America, the remnant knows that hope is the key to this country’s future.

Therefore, the remnant keeps the faith strong, believing against the daily newsfeeds, relying more on the Bible than the newcasters, and confessing their faith to those who will hear.


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