Monday, November 03, 2008

U.S. Treasury Department to Host Shariah Compliant Financing Forum

By Brigitte Gabriel
This Thursday, in association with the Islamic Finance Project of the Harvard Law School, the U.S. Treasury will be hosting a forum entitled “Islamic Finance 101.”

You read this correctly. As the humorist Dave Barry writes in many of his columns, “I am not making this up.”

Indeed, despite the fact that we in ACT! for America and others have been warning about the infiltration of shariah (Islamic law) into our society for some time, to witness how quickly it is happening causes me to tremble inside.

Our own U.S. Treasury is hosting a forum aimed at educating “staff from U.S. banking regulatory agencies, Congress, Department of Treasury, and other parts of the Executive Branch.”

So what is Shariah Banking you ask?

Sharia banking was created by radicals like Sheik Qaradawi, a terrorist who today is banned from entering the United States and Great Britain. Who today leads international Islamic Finance agencies. How does he describe Shariah Finance? "I like to call it Jihad with money, because God has ordered us to fight enemies with our lives and our money."

Everything in me wants to shout from the highest house top “Will enough Americans wake up in time??? Have our leaders become so blinded with greed that they are willing to sell our soul, and endanger our national security, in exchange for Arab money?”

To view a PDF image of the official U.S. Treasury description and agenda for the forum, please

click here.

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