Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Youtube Bans Anti Sharia Law Video : Pat Condell

They just ticked off 55,416 people.
And my response video.


  1. mississippimud,

    Just to let you know, if I was British, I would sign this petition in a heart beat. If Pat condell had been trying to get people to sign an anti-biblical law petition his video would still be up there, yet he ask that people sign an anti-Sharia petition and he gets banned from youtube, why? How much of this is PC, and how much of this is cowardice?

  2. Damien ,
    It's political correctness and cowardice. Don't worry though, THE NEXT VIDEO Pat will make will be highly interesting. I can't give out details, I promised not to. Keep an eye on Pat Condell's YT Channel. The next video should be HIGHLY INTERESTING.

  3. mississippimud,

    I would like to watch it when he finishes it.