Wednesday, October 01, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

For Gwen Ifill to moderate the Vice Presidential debate is an outright travesty.

She is pro-B. Hussein all the way.

She writes a book on Democrats who are making it big time in politics, planning on her Dem glory bomb treatise to burst forth on Inauguration Day 2009 when B. Hussein takes over.

She scouts out turf for shedding “new light” on B. Hussein via her Dem-leaning pen. She also strokes further to include other young African-American types who are “forging a bold new path.”

Ifill is not fit to moderate a Palin/Biden debate.

Further, this should be an obvious liberal give-away in that she logged on to the Public Broadcasting Service. What splendid credentials for liberals salivating for the power clutch.

John McCain must go to the public to protest this pick. It is prejudiced against him. It is a blatant attack against the Republican party.

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