Sunday, October 19, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“Even after the media have mocked and pilloried Palin and ceded Obama and Biden victory in all four debates, the nation, according to Gallup, is slowly moving back toward the Republican ticket” per Patrick J. Buchanan.

It’s teeter-totter time for voters in America.

Will they slide all the way left-of-left for B. Hussein, the mask Muslim? Or will they stay true to their historic patriotic roots?

If the US votes in B. Hussein, Michelle will rule. She is known for “wearing the pants.” Therefore the White House lady will move into the Oval Office mind power.

Further, Muslims throughout the US are salivating for B. Hussein’s win. Does anyone out there know how to fill in the blanks on that one?

Islamic nations around the planet are doing the same. Again, fill in the blanks.

Those who get teary-eyed over murdering unborn infants can hardly wait for B. Hussein to be crowned head of abortuaries in January’s gala.

Those hankering to see homosexual nups from shore to shore are pulling their heart strings out of their chests.

That will leave the grassroots patriots out to sea.

Therefore, there still is that fluctuating in the polls. And, again, can we really trust any of the polls?

But if we can trust the polls, they are swinging in the winds. That means that B. Hussein, with all his flare and stride, has not pulled John McCain and Sarah Palin into the depths. Not at all.

The right thinking heads are saying that there is still a chance for a McCain win. That of course will mean the White House dealing with a do-nothing Dem-controlled Congress. So that’s reality. What can we conservatives do about that?

We can just sit there and wait for saner days to roll around, just as liberals have waited out the George W. Bush term. In every season, there are those who wait out the time.

Conservatives would rather live however with a McCain and Palin in charge with an inept Congress than with the United States so far left that we will never recognize our country under the ruler of liberals gone crazy for the devil.

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