Sunday, October 19, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“We're going to change the country and change the world."

That’s what B. Hussein has proclaimed.

If that is not a messianic complex I don’t know what it is. Yet at the posh dinner given to both B. Hussein and John McCain recently, B. Hussein said that contrary to standard belief, he was not born “in a manger.”

Well, now that B. Hussein has claimed that he can change the entire world, one wonders if deep down inside himself he really does believe that he was born to be the messiah for the times’

He gave forth with a Norman Vincent Peale positive thinking speech that could have outdone Peale easily. In that speech, he announced that if elected to the Oval Office he can “change the world”—of course with the aid of those who vote him into the White House.

The Bible prophesies that there will appear one who would make such a claim for his own ego. There is that one for whom the world will cry out to save the planet’s citizens from calamity. The world public will have become so desperate for answers that it will yearn for a real-time real-life messiah.

The world has become increasingly uptight about a variety of pressing issues, one being economy, the other being nuclear.

B. Hussein is well aware of these threats to civilization. Therefore, he has stepped center stage to announce that he has the power, he has the might, he has the charisma, he has the intelligence, he has the pull to bring about a planetary change for the good of all mankind.

It is not that B. Hussein will change just the United States. He will change every country on the globe. He believes that he will have that much know-how to bring that about—without question.

His disciples consider The Boy capable of doing just that before their every eyes. These disciples are teary-eyed with commitment. They are sworn to serve B. Hussein in their own souls. This has become a cult. It is laced with glitz and glamour. Hollywood is all for it. Oprah is simply salivating with the hope that her boy will make it to Big Time.

The Bible is divine revelation. Those who are into biblical research know their prophetic passages quite well. They are numerous and at times quite pointed. The chief sections are in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, the explanations by none other than Christ Himself concerning the End Times.

Then there is the entire Book of Revelation, Christ providing John with the vision of the End Times—this time presented, not in the literalism of the Gospel passages, but in symbolism. The study of both literalism and symbolism is striking.

These are the troubled times. These are the days of world community conclaves to solve world community problems. This is the era of the large ego who can promise peace to the nations.

So comes forth none other than the left-of-left Congressman who endorsees murdering unborn boys and girls as well as practicing sodomy as legitimate lifestyles.

This it he messiah who proclaims to be “Christian” while breaking Christ’s ethic at every turn.

This is the messiah who urges Americans to read their Bibles while not knowing his own Bible in that he counseled a questioner in New Hampshire to study the Sermon on the Mount concerning homosexual duos. There is nothing in that section about that issue.

This messiah known as B. Hussein is the mask Muslim who in an ABC interview actually referred to “my Muslim faith.” Yet most America let that slip by as if it is not relevant. It is relevant for he spoke fact. B. Hussein is just that—a Muslim masked as a “Christian.”

In other words, the messiah for the unsaved worldlings has appeared and his name is B. Hussein Obama.


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  2. dave.9:46 AM

    your rhetoric is shameful and disgusting, good sir.