Thursday, October 09, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Sarah Palin accuses B. Hussein of “palling around with terrorists.”

Is it not time that facts start coming to the fore in this campaign? How long does grassroots reality have to wait for the Republican candidates to get to the dirt facts on B. Hussein?

How America can even think of putting in the White House so soon after 9/11 a mask Muslim? How America can even condone a President who has in reality palled around with terrorists?

How long is the reality grassroots having to continue to live with the knowledge of Acorn and Ayers with practically no repeated harking on these issues?

We have lived through a too polite campaign. Being courteous is one thing. But stupid is another.

Is it smart to let America be governed by a mask Muslim who has known ties to the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, anti-white anti-Jew pro-Hamas Jeremiah Wright as well as hiring Muslims on his campaign and Congressional staff?

Is it logical to have in the Oval Office one who consorts with his Kenyan politician cousin who would institute the dreaded sharia so-called justice and legal system there. The cousin ran for Kenyan president, then lost. But if he had won he would have put in practice legalistic Islam—in other words, terrorist Muslim laws.

But when the candidates stand on platforms for all-American debates before goodwill citizens are they going to strike the bull’s eye facts? Apparently it is very difficult for that to happen.

Therefore, when Sarah Palin states in her speech that B. Hussein is palling around with terrorists, she speaks truth.

She proves once again that she is certainly not one of the inside-Washington crew. She is the woman who dug out the corruption in Alaska, promising to do the same in Washington.

Then let her do it.

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