Thursday, October 09, 2008

An American Muslim makes his case for Sharia in America


First I would like to congratulate Congressman Mel Watt on his courage to speak the truth. Look at what you have now and think how can you make it better. You are a man that God created. God has not only given you a body, land, water, food but He has created a Law to follow. The Sharia is the Laws God wants us to follow.

Think how this would help instead of hurt of course everyone is addicted to the way things are now and could not imagine a change even if it is for the better of the whole. Look at the debt we are in now as US citizens. Look at the health care system, look at the increase in sex, diseases from children having multiple partners and men going out on their wives to have affairs with prostitues.

The Sharia looks like a big bad pill to alot of people but even medicine comes in shots they hurt first but then you feel alot better. Just think of where the US spends alot of money .. Gambling, alchol, sports, sex, violence, wars.

Okay, now tomorrow no more lotto, Millions of dollars saved, to pay off debt, No more interest…millions of foreclosed homes saved, no more alchol…millions of lives saved ( including wife abuse, child abuse, drunk driving killings, suicides decreased). Overall you have more benifit than what you fear.



  1. mississippimud,

    Three questions.

    Who is Congressman Mel Watt? What did he say that made this Cultural Jihadist so happy?

    Who made that fake three dollar bill?

  2. Anonymous1:55 AM

    would rather have every muslim executed than be forced to accept that perverted set of rules called sharia. Actually, most muslims are uneducated fools - the reason - their blind and stupid compliance with Sharia. And muslims have never made major cultural or scientific contributions to the world - although they have certainly stolen ideas from others and presented them as own.

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    In sharia law.. sex with infants as young as one day old is legal.. in America that is illegal and we hunt monsters like that down and jail them when we find them.

    In sharia law women and children are property of men and are subject to rape and punishment and or torture if they refuse to obey men.

    In sharia law..if bestiality is done according to sharia law.. well, all the man has to say is he is sorry and allah is merciful..on men..not animals or women or children. In America.. people like that go to jail because such behavior is illegal and perverse and harmful.

    in sharia law.. sexual mutilation of women and children is legal. In America we hunt monsters who do that to people down and jail them when we find them.

    In sharia law, stoning , whipping, stoning, beheadings, mutilations, honor murders, rapes, paedophilia, bestiality, murders, genocides, torture, lying, intolerance of others is all legal. Prostitution is legal in islam, and you know it .. mu'ta... lots of islamists use alcohol and commit adultery etc etc etc even though sharia law exists.

    In short, sharia law is the law of evil made legal by Muhammed, the one who invited SATAN to become a muslim DISOBEYING God who commanded mankind ( Muhammed was a man ) to AVOID evil forever.

    In America.. we condemn those things. The Saudis hate our lotteries because it means fewer dollars to help them murder free countries.

    Sharia law is a lie from satan.

    my name is Lisa.

  4. Anonymous,

    Weather or not it is demonic in origin or came from the twisted minds of evil mean, Sharia is still evil and should be openly condemn by all civilized nations. Sharia is one of the biggest arguments against the cultural moral relativism so prevalent in our society today.

  5. sorry Lisa, I forgot that you gave us your name.