Tuesday, October 07, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Sarah Palin said: “’I don't know why that association isn't discussed more, because those were appalling things that that pastor had said about our great country.’”

Of course it is “appalling” if Americans only took the mind to consider what it means to sit in a political plant known as a “church,” being brainwashed for twenty long years by an America-hater by the name of Jeremiah Wright.

Of course in the liberal denomination of United Church of Christ (Congregational), writing one’s own religion is paramount. There is nothing biblically sacred within that archliberal Protestant conclave.

The United Church of Christ endorses abortion, homosexual duos and all religions as one. That denomination is headed by those who blaspheme against the deity of Christ, the divine inspiration of the Bible and the ethical base of Scripture.

The grassroots congregations are awash with heated hurtful disagreement, the conservative biblical believers being warred against by the apostate church members, the latter led mostly by local anti-Bible clergy.

The United Church of Christ has a small band of biblical disciples who are persecuted daily. The liberals’ press upon the believers is unrelenting.

B. Hussein and family were tutored by the crazed
Wright who espoused undercutting whites and Jews as well as defending Hamas. Wright is a buddy to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. They, along with B. Hussein, organized the Muslim March on Washington in 1995.

B. Hussein even permitted his daughters to undergo the mind control of Wright’s rants. That family of four attended so-called worships, listening to some of the most hateful messages delivered from any so-called sanctuary pulpit.

Of course, theological liberals throughout America band together in favor of the United Church of Christ’s disregard for biblical moorings. If B. Hussein is elected as President, that all-religions-as-one contingent will bond nationally to form an anti-biblical force.

Therefore, Sarah Palin is correct in bringing to the fore once again this unholy alliance of B. Hussein and Wright. It is devilment in clerical garb and political opportunism.

In short, both are clothed in the spirit of antichrist, just as the New Testament warns will appear in the Last Days. They are quintessential of that spirit, appearing as two-legged disciples of what opposes Christ’s moral base.

Both evangelical Sarah Palin and Baptist John McCain know full well that the B. Hussein-Jeremiah Wright connection will come full bloom if B. Hussein walks into the Oval Office. Wright has promised that he will follow The Boy into the White House.

Though B. Hussein has disavowed Wright, that of course was a hoax and continues to be. They are wedded at the hips.

It is time that religious conservatives throughout the nation do more to inform the grassroots of this
diabolical twosome.

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    MosqueWatch: I am SO worried about this nation. WHAT are we going to do?!?!? I am SICK over this moslem getting in- just SICK. I just did an audio on the www.jtf.org I blasted the Rabbis for Obama. What would you suggest I do, to get the attn of Jewish people more?? I dont even know what to do, we ARE running out of time!! If you have ANY ideas- email me, ok? paddar@live.com It is not a 'private email' of mine- just a new Hotmail account- but If you can think of ANYTHING that I should say- PLEASE- help me!!!
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