Tuesday, October 07, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

If B. Hussein Obama wins the Oval Office, his griefs will have only started.

He will be consumed with investigations maximum. There is so much dark baggage attached to that mask Muslim that he will face one precise exposure after another.

Just because he sits in the White House does not mean that his opposition will be silenced. All the
more the probes will dig deeper and deeper.

Conservatives will respond to his win with such anti-B. Hussein fervor that detail upon detail will be spread across America’s mindset.

B. Hussein’s connections with the Nation of Islam, anti-white / anti-Jew mentality mentored by Jeremiah Wright, his ties with Kenyan cousin henchman and “my Muslim faith” statement will continually surface to the top daily.

B. Hussein’s wife, Michelle, will come under extreme scrutiny. It has been telecast broadly that “she wears the pants.” All the more Michelle will rule from Pennsylvania Avenue. She will be the essence of the liberal feminist applauding killing womb infants, defining family as anyone concludes and undercutting any woman representing Sarah Palin.

Michelle confessed that she has harbored ill will toward America and just come into a kind regard for this nation due to her husband’s political opportunism. She too was brainwashed by anti-America Wright for two decades, listening and taking it all in.

Both B. Hussein and Michelle are left of left. They will abolish the biblical heritage of America in favor of all religions melded into one, basically establishing a secular nation.

Muslims will cry out daily for their defense for B. Hussein promised after 9 / 11that he would readily come to their defense if they ever faced anything “ugly.” The Islamics will take full advantage of that reaching out hand from the Oval Office.

B. Hussein will also be confronted with his defense of homosexual duos, particularly when telling New Hampshire homosexuals that his “Christian ethos” blessed their match-ups. There is no such biblical belief as pro-homosexual “Christian ethos” in Christian theology; however, B. Hussein writes his own religion as go goes along.

B. Hussein will also have to answer for rewriting the Sermon on the Mount when telling a questioner to check out Matthew 5-7 for its information regarding homosexuality. The question was what he thought of homosexual habitation. He responded by telling that one to check out the Sermon on the Mount. There is nothing in that passage concerning homosexuality.

On another day B. Hussein told reporters that Americans needed to read the Bible more. That was of course a reach out to dumb evangelicals. B. Hussein is a Koran-lover and does not know the Bible.

B. Hussein will have to answer to evangelicals for masquerading as one of them when setting up gospel concerts throughout the summer months. He will have to answer to biblical believers for twisting Scripture to suit his theological liberalism, of course all in line with his liberal United Church of Christ membership.

B. Hussein is one major hoax.

He is a fake “Christian,” in reality a Muslim. He is a homosexual marriage defender while now proclaiming via Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential debate comment that B. Hussein defines marriage as one-man-one woman.

When it comes to abortion, B. Hussein defends killing born children (partial-birth abortion) as well as the womb unborn, his ardor equaled by his wife, Michelle. Both are ardent supporters of slaying boys and girls in America.

When and if B. Hussein is President, all of the above will be laid before him every day of his rulership. None of it will go away.

His reign will be fraught with one decisive investigation after another, all in defense of truth. His griefs will only have started in January 2009.

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