Saturday, September 20, 2008

'Act for America' : Military Says NO "May Offend Muslims"

In our “Important Happenings” email earlier this week we included Brigitte Gabriel’s scheduled appearance at the Norfolk Naval Base Navy Exchange in Norfolk, Virginia this Saturday, September 20th.

We were informed yesterday that the top brass at the naval base ordered the event cancelled.

While we do not have specific details, it appears that the decision to cancel was made after pressure was exerted amidst concerns about offending Muslims. The commentary below discusses how the American counterterrorism community is increasingly surrendering in the war of ideas to Islamic supremacists.

In effect, we are following the same path Great Britain has trod over the past three decades, a path that led to last week’s stunning announcement that Great Britain has now officially adopted sharia law and sharia courts.

Every time a decision in America is made that suppresses critique of Islam out of fear of giving offense to Muslims, such as the decision to cancel Brigitte’s appearance at the Norfolk Naval Base, Islamic militants are empowered and emboldened and our nation takes one more step down the failed path Great Britain has already traveled. At the end of the commentary below we read:

“The silence of many of the 300 million American people has convinced a number of career counterterror analysts that you already have surrendered. Prove them wrong.”That is what we MUST do. We must prove career counterterror analysts, weak-kneed politicians, and radical Islamists, that we WILL rise in defense of our security and our values.

Two ways you can do that today: (1) If you haven’t already done so, get a copy of Brigitte’s new book by clicking here;

(2) Register for a “Citizens in Action” conference near you by clicking here.

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