Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Abdelaziz Bilal HAMZE: Profile of a Potential Islamic Terrorist?

5 June 2007: To me, there is much more to the story which broke just yesterday of the vehicular homicide/murder in the first degree of Sandra Hall, 44, of Ft. Lauderdale by Abdelaziz Bilal HAMZE, a 24-year old naturalized American citizen from Lebanon. There is enough here that my gut instinct is telling me there may be significant Islamic terrorist connections, and this man, his immediate family and associates need to be investigated and profiled extensively.

The following are the details I have been able to develop and confirm through intensive research over the past 12 hours. On Sunday night at about 10 PM, Abdelaziz Bilal HAMZE, a naturalized US citizen from the Middle East (Lebanon) rear-ends a Cadillac driven by Michael Williams with his white Dodge Caravan. Williams was in the process of pulling over to investigate a possible broken headlight when struck by HAMZE near Riverland Road on Route 441 while northbound in Ft. Lauderdale. Williams proceeds to follow HAMZE as he flees the scene of the fender-bender accident. The ensuing chase winds through at least one residential neighborhood before returning to Route 441 northbound. It is here, at a stoplight in heavy evening traffic, that Williams approaches HAMZE’s vehicle, he is joined by his fiancee and passenger, an incensed Sandra Hall. HAMZE begins to flee again, but this time Hall latches onto the hood of the Dodge Caravan and refuses to let go even as Williams unable to pull her off. HAMZE then accelerates to a reported 70 MPH as Williams sprints after the vehicle on foot for the next two miles. Sandra Hall looses her grip during this segment of the incident and falls under the Caravan, becoming wedged under the vehicle chassis and is dragged for most of the next two miles. Her lifeless, horrifically wounded body deposited by HAMZE’s vehicle in the middle of RT 441.

How does a routine fender-bender accident become a chase which then becomes a vehicular homicide of first degree murder?
What significant impetus did Abdelaziz Bilal HAMZE have to avoid a simple police report?

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs



  1. Anonymous6:23 PM

    If anyone pays attention to the world events and details surrounding Islamic terrorism as much as I do, you must start investigating this family. Now that the cover is blown for these sleepers, they are going to try and maintain a very low profile. How is it that the brother of this guy did not know where Abdelaziz lived. This guy was trying to hide and most likely felt that he would be exposed in some way. I smell a Hezbollah sympathiser if not an Iranian operative. People please wake up and think about this stuff. Just because a person has gained US citizenship does not mean he values the same ideal's that we... who have lived in our "american" dreams,... hold precious. These people are walking around and living in amongst us, they will smile and laugh with you, and gain your trust. But when you turn your back, they will stab you in the back unmercifully. Its too bad knowing that the freedoms we enjoy here in the USA will ultimately be used by "them" to gain strength against us, unless we act. Be aware and take an interest in world events.
    By: Leo

  2. Well texted Leo, well texted.

  3. You guys are so moron .

    first this thread is from sean osborne .

    second you say hizbollah sympathiser .. just to let you know he's a sunni (if you know what that's mean ..)

    read this for more info :


  4. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Hey Chaaban,
    I don't care if he's a Sunni or a Shite it has nothing to do with a terrorist's ultimate goal. Al-Qaeda are Sunni terrorist's, and Hezbollah are Shite terrorist's, and Iran is funding them both....so I guess its the same Shiate, just a different day. Is that all you can say?? "You guys are so moron" Well you are right...most days I am more on and there are some days I am more off. Why don't you say something to make a logical point? Here try this on an lets see where it takes you....... If it wasn't for the Western world going into the Middle East and developing the natural resources, the area would still be a barren waste land. Just think, when you look across the deserts and see thriving cities and growing populations, it was mainly a result of what the Western world had brought to these areas. Yet...they despise our way of life. This guy Abdel was doing what a typical terrorist would do, "hit and run", and boy was he running..all the way to Lebanon. Chaaban, it is truly sickening to read other Muslims write their posts in support of this guy, by saying how quiet and honest he was, that he didn't do drugs or belong to a gang. Hell...those are the exact things a terrorist would not want to do as not to draw attention to himself. A sleeper would just about want to lay low and give the people around him the impression that he was a nice guy. But really I am wasting my breath on you...because you probably know just as well that these tactics are true. Besides, Muslims are known for not wanting to get involved nor expose the bad side of fellow Muslims because it is against the teachings of Islam to speak badly of your "brother", regardless of what he does wrong you do not want to judge him. Sorry...this is where your religion was purposely designed to keep "true" Muslims in line to be "good". The "peer pressure" must really be intense living in that world. I prefer to have the right to carry a weapon for self defense, and be the judge and jury if the need arises. To bad Ms. Hall did not have that oportunity.
    With best regards, Leo

  5. Sean Osborne9:04 AM

    Leo wrote:

    "I smell a Hezbollah sympathizer if not an Iranian operative."

    Leo, I think you might be correct. shi'a or sunni - it doesn't matter, they're all islamofascist murderers. Regardless of the sect Hamze belongs to it seems evident to me that Hamze's cold-blooded murder of Sandra Hall has fully exposed a jihadi sleeper cell. Investigators in Flordia are watching this islamofascist roach motel very closely.

    This cell and the extended families connected to it are now engaged in the exact same antics as the exposed cell in southwestern New Jersey - the "Ft. Dix Six" et. al.
    Nothing that comes from their mouths or their fellow muslim apologists, like Chaaban, is utterly worthless because it is all 100% al-taqiyya (unadulterated BS and dissimulating lies). We can trust the islamofacists like we trusted the communists - about as far as one can spit.

    islam is at war with anything that is non-islamic, and it has been this way since that demonic spirit nearly choked muhammed to death, and the pagan Meccan bishop Waraka Bin Nawfal (Khadigah's cousin) declared him a prophet.

    Check out this website:


    Sean Osborne
    Northeast Intelligence Network

  6. BSO Info on Hamze.



    Under Flordia Legal Statutes, Title XVLI sections 782.04 and 775.082 predmeditated murder is murder in the first degree which is a capital felony. Conviction of a capital felony in Florida is a death sentence.