Wednesday, May 23, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Those under 30 report that suicide attacks for Allah are legitimate. These Muslims reside in America. What does that tell you for America’s future, particularly in the cities?

Muslims going mainstream America? Think again. With the younger generation going for killing themselves for Islam World Rule, that means that their children are taught the same creedal bottomline.

Per The Washington Times’ Jennifer Harper: “The first nationwide survey of Muslim Americans revealed that more than a quarter of those younger than 30 say suicide bombings to defend Islam are justified, a fact that drowned out the poll’s kinder, gentler findings suggesting that the community is mainstream and middle class.

“’There are trouble spots,’ noted Andrew Kohut, director of the Pew Research Center, which conducted the survey of 1,050 adult Muslim Americans—two-thirds of whom were foreign-born.

“’We should be disturbed that 26 percent of these young people support an ideology in which the ends justify the means,’ said Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, chairman of the Arizona-based American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

“’But the survey also found that only 40 percent of the overall American Muslim population would even admit that Arabs were behind 9/11. They’re in denial, refusing to take moral responsibility, and the radicals will feed on this,"’ Dr. Jasser said.”

Sleeper cells in the United States? Yes.

Muslim population growing in the United States? Yes.

Mosque construction in the United States? Yes.

What is France doing about Muslim troublemakers? France elected a President who is putting French identity and safety at the top of his agenda.

What about the United States? Is America’s grassroots knowledgeable enough concerning the latest infiltration of those who dedicate their existences to Islam World Rule, including North America?

“Sixty percent of the younger-than-30 demographic said they were ‘Muslim’ first, and a quarter were Americans first.

“Among the total population, 47 percent consider themselves Muslims first and 28 percent are Americans first.

“Social factors also come into play. The survey found that 54 percent are dissatisfied with the general state of the nation, 53 percent say life has gotten more difficult for Muslim Americans since September 11, 2001.”

America, take note.


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