Monday, April 16, 2007

If good people were legally armed, 22 would not be dead

When you can do nothing to defend yourself,

When you can do nothing to defend your neighboor.

When you had the chance to stop this disturbed individual, but it was too difficult to attain a weapon to defend yourself.

When you see people hiding in their dorms and classrooms with no hope of defense, and why?

Good, armed indivuduals could have made a difference.

I’m not suggesting there be guns allowed in dorms or in the classroom, and I’m not suggesting that there not be gun checks and balances on gun ownership, but policies should be put in place where good people CAN get a weapon legally for protection. I don’t know the gun laws in Virginia, but the bottom line is… someone should have been able to stop this guy. Someone should have been able to fight back. Someone should have done something with their legally registered weapon they were legally allowed to have. Many people’s lives could have been saved.

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