Monday, January 11, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The Muslim niqab ban prompted innovation. Muslim females substituted the niqab with surgical masks, per Reuters.

At Cairo University female students sported these masks “to circumvent a government ban on the full-face veil in exams.”

Question: Who knows if those veiled are actually females? Could some males create their own hoax?

It is like the twist at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

“The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences e-mailed students about the initial changes this week, saying, ‘Any head covering that obscures a student’s face may not be worn, either on campus or at clinical sites, except when required for medical

“School officials said the policy was intended to ensure that all students would be identifiable ‘for reasons of safety and security.’

“But on Thursday, the policy was changed to include an exception ‘for medical and/or religious reasons.’”

Read more: “Massachusetts: College Bows to CAIR and Un-bans Islamic Face Veils” at

Now at the Massachusetts College, who knows if some of the veiled are in reality males in full-female garb playing games with the absurd ruling?

Cairo government officials informed the public that the ban with the veil was because students were “disguising themselves as other candidates.”

The government “has been fighting the growing influence of strict Saudi-based Wahhabi ideology.

“Mohamed Saleh, Dean of the Faculty of Science at Cairo University, monitored examination rooms on Saturday to ensure the ban was implemented, ordering supervisors to withhold exam papers from women who chose to wear the veil.”

Massachusetts applauds the veil. Cairo does not. Confusion instituted.

“Any student who wears the niqab during an exam will have her paper withdrawn and will be treated as though she has cheated,” Saleh said.

Read “Egypt’s veiled students dodge niqab ban with masks” at Daily Times\01\11\story_11-1-2010_pg7_9