Wednesday, December 09, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Muslims are all over the boulevards, avenues and streets throughout Paris. They clog the passages so that non-Muslims and vehicles cannot get through.

This is becoming increasingly abhorrent to Parisians who conclude they are losing their space. They are appalled at their individual rights stomped upon by Allah devotees who simply don’t care about anyone but themselves.

This does not set well with the French. However, Mr. Bertrand Delanöe, Mayor of Paris, doesn’t care. So citizens are appealing to the President.

The Swiss have told Muslims that minarets have reached the “enough” stage. Swiss are going to take back their turf and not permit Islamics to smother their nation with a killing cult.

French are warning Canadians that if they don’t get matters in hand, the Muslim clog will take over that nation as well.

So one country is lecturing to another about the threat. This is good. This is healthy. More dialogue about this deluge must cover the planet in order to halt Islam World Rule.

Check it out: “France follows Swiss lead. No more praying in streets.” At