Saturday, December 12, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

This is such a lie that it is practically impossible to digest it as being said by an American who claims sanity.

President George W. Bush said that Islam a “religion of peace.” Of course, he was totally incorrect and biblically knowledgeable citizens worldwide knew that he spoke falsely. In other words, Bush punched them into a shock stupor.

Was Bush intentionally trying to reform Islam image so as to do whatever his head was trying to do? Only his head knows that. But it was not real. It was not nice to civil individuals. And it was not biblically aligned—at all.

As far as Bush’s facts are concerned, he was so utterly wrong. And now more and more democracies are realizing that Bush was so very wrong.

Presently we have a Marxist Muslim President Barack Hussein Obama stating nearly the same thing as Bush when he says at the White House Ramadan dinner that Islam is “a great religion.”

More and more the devilment increases. And for those brain dead, they believe these untruths. For the knowledgeable, they quake in realizing that if this lie spreads, Muslims grow nearer and nearer to Islam World Rule.

Islam cannot be a great religion for countless reasons—too many to number, all of which can be read by anyone who merely scans the Koran.

Read the KORAN


The Koran’s Allah stipulates repeatedly that Muslims must slaughter all non-Muslims. Those who don’t join in the slaughtering are to be slain. Lying and only appearing friendly to non-Muslims is permitted in order to eliminate infidels. Is that a great religion? Is that a religion of peace? Not.

The Koran allows Muslim males to shoot a female Muslim in the head if males conclude she has disgraced the clan. This is known as “honor killing.” Is that a great religion? Is that a religion of peace? Not.

The Koran teaches Islamic youth to hate non-Muslims, particularly Jews who are labeled “monkeys.” Hamas TV cartoons teach Muslim children to despise Jews and kill them.

Read HAMAS CARTOONS: "Daddy, Beat Me. It Does Me Good." at Is that a great religion? Is that a religion of peace? Not.

What is particularly frightening to civil persons global is that Islam World Rule is the prime reason for aggressive Muslims to exist. That means they intend on wiping us all out. That’s taken most seriously by those who are willing to bomb themselves in order to establish a global dictatorship.


Books upon books have been written providing more detail than this short piece. But suffice just these few details to underline that Bush and Obama plus scores of university professors and political and theological liberals are so far out of the truth when they publicize that Islam is a great religion or a religion of peace.

It is a killing cult. Nothing less.

To the biblical scholar, Allah is Satan, the Koran was scribed by demons, Mohammed was a satanic prophet and imams are agents of the Pit.