Wednesday, December 30, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“I imagine how the great jihad will take place, how the muslims will win, insha Allah [God willing], and rule the whole world, and establish the greatest empire once again!!!” reads one post from Feb. 20, 2005 per Leonard Greene’s “Sex Torment Drove Him Nuts” via New York Post.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab blogged the world about his troubles—arousal, loneliness, unveiled females, academics, boarding school angst.

The bomb in his underwear was supposed to splinter airline passengers into their own nirvanas but it didn’t pop off properly, so now we know.

“As i get lonely, the natural sexual drive awakens and i struggle to control it, sometimes leading to minor sinful activities like not lowering the gaze [in the presence of unveiled women],” a poster who goes by the handle “Farouk1986,” wrote on an Islamic Forum Web site,

“And this problem makes me want to get married to avoid getting aroused . . .”

With that sex drive, the dream of Islam World Rule was paramount. He wanted to serve the Koran’s Allah to the maximum, even to splintering himself into virginland.

He has countless clones ready to do the same. The press focuses now on Yemen as the murder supply center. That government is inept. The geography is impossible. The yen to slaughter is high. The Muslim agenda is not blurred; it’s right out there in our faces per the Allah devotee’s own public relations tell-all.

“The hair of a woman can easily arouse a man.

“The Prophet advised young men to fast if they can't get married but it has not been helping me much and I seriously don't want to wait for years before I get married.”

All the while, Barack Hussein Obama calls this young Muslim an “isolated extremist.”

Send Obama back to Islam 101. Make him read this manual: ISLAMIC TIMELINE FOR GLOBAL RULE at

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