Wednesday, December 02, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama’s personalities are being split more and more with every passing presidential day.

The reason is obvious: He is fighting his own—Muslims. He is vowing in presidential speeches to defend America against his Islamic “family.”

As time moves along, his personalities’ split is going to spread and spread some more until he’s going to be stretched maximum apart, that is, till it hurts on every level.

How far can the personalities stretch-plus-stretch until he’s nothing but fine-gauze tissue?

Islamic Obama thought when presidential running, spurred on by mob hysteriacs, that he as messiah acclaimed could solve any problem—absolutely any problem.

Obama lies. That is an Islamic virtue.

In that lying network, one then lies to himself. Obama, with wifey Michelle whispering accolades into his ears, kept trusting his egocentricity to be normal. His egocentricity was anything but.

Obama is one of the most unhealthy persons on the planet—mentally so. Of course, his Marxist Muslim mentors, headed by “foster father” Jeremiah Wright and coached by Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan, stroked The Boy silly.

He was a marvel, they logged. He could never fail. He was invincible.

Now crass reality is pressing in upon all that crazy compilation. Reality has pushed him to make his public statement concerning Afghanistan, for instance. Hinging on that is the extreme, threatening topsy-turvy in Pakistan. Hinging on that is the power-hungry Muslim world analyzing Obama 24 / 7, their spy in the Oval Office.

Imams watch. Sleeper cells become more and more curious. Suicide bomber slugs hype bloodthirsty urges. Muslim despots attempt to figure out Obama’s designs for Islam World Rule.

All the while, Obama has to satisfy left-of-left Dems in Congress and those flung about the Republic’s state offices. Liberals prize his win but are now nervous about cementing the power.

With all that, Muslim Obama knows that the most dangerous position he has put himself in—and it is his fault that he is right there near hell’s edge—is what to do to satisfy his chief comrades. Those are Allah-cultists circling the planet.

How long can he hide from non-Muslims his ultimate allegiance to Muslims?

How long can he play the democracy-friend while actually serving Allah?

How long can he play Protestant while in truth surrendered as a Koran disciple?

The Afghanistan debacle brings this all into increased bold relief.