Monday, December 14, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The bishop told media that if we were nicer to the Taliban, we could get somewhere with them.

We’ve got to stop this meanness. It’s simply got to stop—period. Otherwise, we are really going to stir them up even more.

“The Rt Rev Stephen Venner, the Church of England’s Bishop to the Forces, called for a more sympathetic approach to the Islamic fundamentalists that recognizes their humanity

“The Taliban can be admired for their conviction to their faith and their sense of loyalty to one another, the new bishop for the Armed Forces has claimed” per Jonathan Wynne-Jones and Duncan Gardham

“. . .their conviction to their faith and their sense of loyalty to one another”. Get it?

Obviously the bishop has not read the Koran. (Read the Koran at ).

Nor does the bishop know how to deal with the demoniac who espouses slaughtering all non-Muslims worldwide in the name of Allah, the latter being Satan.

A pew-sitter would have hoped that a spiritual leader would have more Holy Spirit-directed discernment than religious bosh. It would be helpful to the Anglicans in particular if their clergy were in tune with the God of the Bible rather than New Age wanderings to and fro.

One wonders if the bishop is part of Islam World Rule like unto Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama. How many more power persons in open societies are connecting to assist Muslims capture the

“We’ve been too simplistic in our attitude towards the Taliban,” said Bishop Venner, who was recently commissioned in his new role by Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Rowan, a doctrinal airhead himself, would have done the sane world a favor by nixing Venner for the job. But then again how, in God’s name, would Rowan have had the wisdom to do what’s correct?

“’. . .too simplistic. . .’” So that’s it, is it, bishop?

There you have two space cadet religionists who don’t know their robes from their underwear. They represent exceptionally well the theological liberal who manufactures his own willy-nilly religion in the name of God.

Thank heaven the journalists providing the article retorted with this truth that should have been recognized by the bishop: “Besides their attacks on the armed forces, the Taliban have also been responsible for public beatings, amputations and executions and have launched bomb attacks on the civilian population in Afghanistan.”

Now who would a rational citizen choose as spokesperson for reality—the bishop (and like-unminded archbishop) or the journalists?

Did not Jesus say not to throw pearls before swine?

Then why does the bishop counsel the free world to throw our precious pearls before Islamic swine out to slay us? It’s all the result of being a theological liberal who doesn’t care a scripture verse for his own cultic brand of “faith.”

Read “Taliban can be admired for their faith and loyalty, says bishop” at