Thursday, November 26, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Islam is no peace religion, though many in the world thought it to be for they had not known anything about Islam till recently.

Islam has a ‘holy writ.’ It is called the Koran. Most of the world has not read one word from it. Posted is a footnote directing the reader to the entire Koran. Read some of it, please.

It is not holy writ. The Koran has no Savior, no mercy, no divine grace, no hope of a holy heaven, no peace of soul for the truly repentant, no Good Samaritan parable, no Love Chapter such as I Corinthians 13 and no Psalm 23, the Good Shepherd’s psalm.

Please read parts of the Koran to know its obvious dark side.

Further, Islam is the only world religion that demands all non-devotees be slain. It really is not a world religion; it is a cult, laden with violence.

Those not committed to Allah are to be annihilated. Those Muslims who do not participate in the annihilating the infidels are themselves to be slain.

That means that only Muslims stand in the last day. That is why zealots work night and day to further Islam World Rule. That is to be the last chapter prior to Islam’s Messiah returning on Earth to reign.

Islam’s god is Allah. Allah promises those males who commit to suicide killings scores of virgins upon their last breath. There is nothing in the Koran promised females who commit suicide for the cause.

Islamic mothers who are totally surrendered to Allah pray that their children will end their lives in suicide bombings. They pray for this. They boast to neighbors of their offspring committing suicide to rid the planet of infidels.

Islamic organizations present themselves as humanitarian. That is part of the Muslim lie. Muslims are directed by Allah to lie, that being a virtue, in order to hoodwink non-Muslims.

Take for instance Barack Husein Obama. He lies. He lies again and again. That is regarded by his Muslim cohorts as laudable for it fools Americans into thinking he is an honorable leader. Evidence shows himself to be just the opposite. Obama is a Marxist Muslim.

Imams can use their positions to teach violence, particularly in a democracy such as America. They hold sessions with their devotees in order to refine the destructive process of leveling the Republic.

Mosques can be used as shelters for sleeping cells where Muslim recruits are sharpened in the battle. If the signal is given in America, for instance, for these sleeper cells to come alive in attacking the populace, the neighborly Muslims will turn into warriors.

Allah teaches his children how to play friendly to those unsuspects around them. Friendliness is a ploy for Allah’s sake.