Saturday, August 08, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

God is in charge of unique America especially because of its founders who loved God supremely.

Their loyalty to God will be honored particularly for this nation. God does not forget. A day is as a thousand years with God.

God, by His own nature, honors the founding righteous mothers and fathers today and into America's future.

With that righteous remnant at the unique start of this nation, combined with the righteous remnant of today--no matter how small for God has never won the number’s game--America will witness God's reaction to today's national decadence as well as God's righteous remnant maintaining the biblical values.

As with Sodom and Gomorrah, God is merciful and patient for ten mortals’ sake.

So with America, its unique righteous start combined with its present-tense core of biblical believers, God will continue to survey each situation and respond accordingly. This will be surprising to the believers for they may have calculated some other pattern by which to rescue but God may go another route.

In any case, God will discipline the evildoers and reward the righteous.

There is no other country in human history with America's righteous beginning. No other county. Therefore, God has a vested interest in this nation due to that. And because of God's own holy nature He must honor still that start along with the holy disciples' cry heavenward.

God is God.

God is in charge.

The Bible is laden with verses that warn that ungodly rulers are but wisps in the wind and their ungodly rules are as paper. That goes for the Obama regime today.

God will act decisively.

God will act powerfully.

God will cover His own children.

God will honor his own disciples' pledge. There is no doubt about any of that.

I have much hope for America's future for God is networking right now exactly His perfect response to America's present state and no believer can decipher it for it is a holy knowledge kept in heaven's wisdom till the time of release.

I believe this with all my heart.