Saturday, July 04, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

It is true.

The Republic has become the United States of Entertainment.

All revolves around our dvds, ipods, celebs, theatres, and so forth.

This has become a religion so that today’s church must entertain or else it’s a wipe-out.

This Michael Jackson funeral thing has simply got out of hand. It is as if he were deserving a state funeral. It is a wonder his body was not placed in the US Capitol building due public viewing for days on end.

Every newscast is covering every single twinge of Michael Jackson etcetera.

Yet is not this the one who placed his body mid-section of the bed with young boys gathered around—eating cookies, telling stories and only God knows what else?

We all know about the litigation circling all this little boy craze with Jackson. No need to go into obvious detail.

Yet when he dies, he is lifted up as The Icon. One musical and Hollywood voice clangs on and on about their siding up to Jackson about such and such.
This is utterly off the wall.

I thought America was an intelligent nation. Its brain has slipped far below normal.

Once the United States of Entertainment succumbs to adoring these kinds of situations, mesmerized by these personages, we are truly on the dark skids.

That leads me to Barack Obama, naturally.

That fellow got where he is because he was considered, especially by the young, as a celebrity. A twinkling celebrity, not a wise statesman, got elected to the Oval Office.

Now we are faced with the socialist, left of left, anti-Christian heritage, relativistic immoralist demolishing our country in high speed.

As I turn on the news to watch one more twitch regarding Jackson, I cannot help but merge Obama into that profile. By that I mean that the Republic has become swooned by a celebrity mindset so as to be absolutely frightening.

One does not remain sound as a culture when that happens. One starts to die on the vine, that vine itself is starting to wilt into oblivion.