Monday, April 13, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Arm our ships.

Kill pirates threatening our ships.

Sink the pirates’ vessels.

Go for the Muslim terrorist camps in Somalia in particular. Our government knows their locations. See that those camps no longer exist. Bomb them if necessary.

We were fortunate with this latest threat. Hostages lived to tell about it. That cannot be guaranteed forever.

Further, these Allah devotees who resort to piracy thirst to die. When they die for Islam World Rule, they go immediately into the arms of countless virgins for eternity per Islamic teaching.

These devotees are not put off by being told that they will be killed. They yearn for martyrdom.

Therefore, there is no use planning dialogue with Islamic pirates. They don’t dialogue. They demand. Nothing in between. That is the mindset of every radical Muslim.

These Muslim pirates also are irked due to President B. H. Obama switching from Islamic to “Christian.” He claims to be “Christian” though his liberal theology prohibits him from being a biblical believer.

Consequently, he is “Christian” in label only.

Nevertheless, when one leaves Islam for another world religion, even when that profession is bogus, such is anathema. Allah demands per the Koran that that individual be slain.

Consequently, there must be countless numbers of Muslims who conclude that Obama should be slain because of his simple move from Islam to Christianity, even an anti-Bible “Christianity.”

There are those Muslim pirates who are motivated in their threatening American vessels because they are baiting Obama himself. Will he turn against his own Muslims or will he defend the Republic?

Obama has been tested in this recent confrontation. It is just the start.

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