Wednesday, April 22, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The Boy in the Oval Office has a lot to learn, though the mob hysteriacs never dreamt that since he was the celebrities’ choice for these four years on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Was is not B. H. Obama who told the world that he was ready to walk into the Iranian thug president’s office suite to embrace that murderer, torturer for world peace?

Now The Boy hopefully will realize that liars are liars still. And thugs are thugs still. And those who dupe for Allah’s sake are true Muslims for the Islam World Rule. They are not into diplomacy or the good of all mortals.

So it is that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the world that The Boy is beneath Islamic protocol by boycotting the recent United Nations conference on racism.

The Iranian despot screamed his message, per usual.

Per AP he even sent the conference into zipville when he spiked Israel just one more time. That yielded a “mass walkout and furious rebukes from western capitals.”

You see, Mr. President, thugs don’t change their demonic spots just because a Marxist Muslim sits in the Oval Office. They don’t. They can’t. It’s against their overarching plot.

Oh my oh my, how much more of this naivete does the United States have to endure under The Boy? Much more, I fear.

Smiling at dictators and embracing them as well as bowing before them only makes the most powerful nation on Earth appear desperate for survival.

Yet The Boy thinks that because his charisma swept him into the White House it likewise can remake the planet for “change” and “hope.”

Not. It won’t. That doesn’t work.

Yet I can picture B. H. going off to his White House gymnasium for workouts whistling his happy tunes while all the time concluding he’s got the world by the tail.

If only the rational public could get to his other ear.

Yet that seems not the case these imploding days.

Not so.

Read “Ahmadinejad raps Obama for shunning racism meeting” at