Saturday, April 11, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Here we go.

The Marxist Muslim B. H. Obama is now confronting Muslim Salami pirates.

No wonder we are not hearing much out of the Oval Office on this.

So there are critics of George W. Bush regarding his lack of prompt attention to Katrina? Now what gives with B. H.?

These anti-US Muslims versus Muslim Obama will continue ad infinitum. This is just the start. Obama, claiming to be Christian but not so, is going to have to pipe a strange flute from here on out.

When in Turkey, B. H. was certain to tell Turks that America is not a Christian nation. Well, if it’s not, what is it?

It’s not atheist or agnostic or Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist or animist. It’s a Christian-heritage nation, that’s what America is. History is there. It is written.

B. H. wars against every Christian ethic at every possible turn, starting with killing womb children and endorsing sodomy.

Further, he praises the Koran. Of course, he praises the Koran for he was schooled in it, said in the past that its lyrics brought delight to his emotions and has relatives throughout his bio that are Koran devotees.

B. H. has Muslims now working on staff in the White House just as he did during his campaign and while an Illinois politician.

More could be documented, but it is fairly known except for the hysteriacs who cheered The Boy onto Pennsylvania Avenue. And, unfortunately for our Republic, their number is legion.

However, back to the bottom line: B. H., Marxist Muslim, is now facing Muslims ready to slaughter Americans on the high seas, not just now but in the future.

America is in deep waters.

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