Tuesday, April 28, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

As Marxist Muslim B. H. Obama strains to install his left-of-left secularization throughout America, he’s proud obviously of his “I won” proclamation.

So it goes with anti-God hubris.

Now DrudgeReport posts on April 28:

“Swine Flu Case at Orlando/DISNEY...

“Confirmed: Indiana...

“Cases in NYC rise to 45...

“Officials in Mexico City on Tuesday ordered all eateries closed to public...”

Obama could not care a twig about “Christian heritage America.” In his inauguration speech he elevated atheists on the level of Christians. What prior President would have stated that? None.

His “Christian” claim is bogus for his ethic is totally opposite to biblical morality, e.g., pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, pro-all-religions-the-same, any-god-okay, etc.

However, as God’s foes are warrior-lined up in DC—both executive and legislative—Moses’ deity proceeds with a plague.

Will Pharaoh Obama strut and prance before his throne, pointing to the “I won” seat of power dressing his Oval Office?

What will it take to convince anti-Bible God Obama that he is on a diabolical course warring against America’s Christian founders’ prayers and present-tense believers’ intercessions?

What is occurring in the Republic and indeed worldwide is the spiritual conflict described in the Book of Revelation—light versus darkness, God versus Beelzebub.

Genuine believers continue to watch daily the scene, reading newsfeeds alongside biblical prophecy.

Moses, stay the course. Yes! Pharaoh will beg for mercy in the end.